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Manhattan Flat

This home was our Studio’s fourth project with this New York city based client. Their 3 bedroom loft style apartment was part of a recent conversion development in Tribecca. Set on an open corner with wrap around windows facing south west towards the Hudson rivers, this home not only had spectacular views but a gorgeous play of light from mid morning till end of day.  

Our aim was to take the developer spec white box and amp up the finishes to create a home that was moody, modern and inviting and possessed a sense of provenance. Working with the bleached oak floors we added architectural details such as the oversized custom designed wainscot, antique fireplace mantel and updated hardware. Given the small space in the entry we designed a small floating brass shelf in lieu of an expected console. The shelf with soft rounded edges projects out from the wainscot and provides just the right space for keys and fresh flowers without encumbering the circulation and flow. 

Throughout the home we kept the palette tonal and moody wrapping the walls and ceiling in the same hues for each room then played with hits of color like the ochre golden draperies in the master which turn the room into a james turrel - esque glow box from late morning to afternoon and the custom cherry powder coated coffee table that keeps things fresh and lively. 

With and eclectic mix of iconic 60’s&70’s era vintage furniture, original art and rustic african accessories the apartment possesses a relaxed tone that feels collected and comfortable and to our clients glee or chagrin she reports its so cozy she never wants to leave her house!