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Brentwood Remodel

Studio Hus transformed a traditional colonial home into a dynamically modern space that supports a young bustling family of six. The goal was to update the existing interior architectural vernacular, redesign the kitchen and all the common rooms in the home. With the goal of maximizing light and functionality in the kitchen we chose to widened the original footprint creating more functional space but also a strong connection between the kitchen and family room. By integrating steel framed windows and doors into the space the space was flooded with light and offered views to the lush landscape outside. To balance the minimal lines of new construction we chose elements which possessed historical character such as the antique tile floors, antique dining table and over-scaled pantry doors which were inspired by Old World European entrances. Other areas of the renovation project included the relocation and design of the powder room, fireplaces, molding vernacular and full interior design. Vintage & antique furniture, down-filled seating and richly layered patterns and colors all culminate in an expression of warmth timelessness and comfort.  This project was featured in a 7 page spread in Ca Home & Design Fall 2016.