A sunbeam streams through a window, changing the colors of every surface in the room and casting a lace of shadows across the floor. There is an emotional charge to every object and furnishing you see; a function, a provenance, a humanity. You feel not just sheltered, but anchored, and when you’re not here, you feel the pull to return again and again. This is the highest expression of “place,” to be fully supported in your purpose and potential. 

To distill and create this feeling – unique to every person and every environment – is the life’s work of Tatum Kendrick, and why she founded Studio Hus.

Studio Hus is, in absolute terms, an interior design firm. We specialize in projects that blend a historical context with modern vigor. But it’s also an approach. We believe that interior design can be fine art, but also live and breathe – it shouldn’t feel bad to move a chair or let a child go wild on an art project. We like when things are a little off center, aged or worn, and we see beauty in many forms: the aching poetry of an antique door, the long, elegant veining in marble or the raw sensuality evoked by the right shade of cranberry.We believe that spaces are biographies – of people playing, dreaming, struggling and prevailing – and where we choose to spend our time and what those settings look and feel like, can change a mind, a day, or everything.


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Tatum Kendrick whose devotion to beauty and experience is at the core of her work, creates modern interiors with character and verve. Curating each project like an artful residence, she strives to tell a story about the people who inhabit the homes she designs. With the vision of an artist and a mind of an architect she layers projects with equal measure function and form, pulling inspiration from fashion, art and historical architecture. 

Tatum was raised in Maine and grew up riding horses, lugging wood and building treehouses. She was surrounded by clues of a design-minded future – her grandmother was an antiques dealer, her father a carpenter and her mother an obsessive decorator – but Tatum had her own path, and the first big stop was to understand people.  And so she studied psychology and sociology at Hofstra University, worked in PR for Donna Karan in New York City. Then she traveled – hiking the Himalayas, living on the beaches of Malaysia and Thailand, and sampling the good life in South America – until she was convinced that she was put on this earth to design livable spaces that deeply root the people who inhabit them. Tatum returned to New York and began working at one of the most well-regarded developer architecture firms, Costas  Kondylis & Partners. Several years later, she started her own eponymous studio, designing townhouses, penthouses and homes in the Hamptons. She then moved to the design capital of the world, Copenhagen, had a son named Smokey and founded Studio Hus. She relocated it to Los Angeles two years later. Today, Studio Hus is located in L.A.’s Silver Lake neighborhood and consists of Tatum and her 7 person design team.